SideShow Rare and Remarkable Books, Art and Curiosities carries a deep inventory of fascinating books on every possible subject, classic fiction and a dizzying catalogue of non-fiction titles.   The present inventory is around 50,000 titles.  The one category we confess to often lag behind in is of course the most contemporary releases, current bestsellers in both fiction and non.

While many of our customers express a very strong “BUY LOCAL” conviction, we understand that we will have some gaps in our stock.   In an effort to keep your business local, we have arranged with Amazon to allow our customers to order any and all Amazon-featured products (books, music, electronics, etc.) via clicking the link button below to enter the Amazon portal.

Once you click, anything you spend will have a small benefit to us.  So, even by shopping Amazon, you can still be helping us out!  We greatly appreciate this support and thank Amazon for arranging it.  So, click below with the knowledge that you are still giving SideShow Books very much needed support!


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