Join the SideShow Shelvers!!

Adopt and Curate Your Favorite Section!!

If you have knowledge, enthusiasm or expertise in a certain category/section of SideShow Books, we welcome you to share your enthusiasm, “adopt” a section and take care of it on a whenever-you-can basis. You will be shelving and alphabetizing the section’s books, scrutinizing for mis-categorized interlopers (!), making some sort of orderly display if possible; simply caring and feeding, pruning and watering, tending to that section of the forest of books at SideShow.

The SideShow books are very happy for whatever time you can volunteer to this fun and educational activity! While we can’t actually cough up any cash for your labors, we can offer a 25% discount as well as espresso, limeade (other misc beverage options), and perhaps some tasty snack to nibble on whilst you go about keeping your section all spruced-up and looking hot! Experience at Tetris, Concentration and Jenga are recommended but not required!

Email us at to offer a hand as a SideShow Shelver!

SideShow category sections in need of love are as follows:







True Crime



Art, and just basically every section!

New Arrivals! Please check for availability