SideShow in the News Pt. 2: Canadian Edition

The news media can’t get enough of us! This last December, our neighbors to the north featured SideShow along with other businesses in our little Analog Alley as part of a piece on the resurgence of analog media. Amongst discussions of objecthood, serendipity, etc., you might see a familiar face or two! We’d like to extend many thanks to Kim Brunhuber for highlighting us in this feature, which you can now stream from the CBC Online Player!

SideShow in the News

It seems like the only time you read about a bookstore in the newspaper these days, it is to lament their impending demise. Happy to say, SideShow recently had a very nice article published celebrating our existence. Thank you to The Palisadian Post!


The Insomniacs: Bruce Bauman & Anthony Miller

On Sunday November, 6th, Sideshow proudly hosted Authors Bruce Bauman and Anthony Miller, in support of Bauman’s critically lauded latest novel ‘Broken Sleep’. The afternoon included readings from Bauman’s book, as well as Miller’s latest essay from ‘Black Clock Magazine’. Refreshments were served and a splendid time was had by all. Check out the 10 minute video excerpt from Bruce Bauman’s reading.