e.e. cummings

Published by Harcourt, Brace and Company; 1938

This selection from Cummings’ first six books of poetry – Tulips and Chimneys (1923), XLI (1925), & (And) (1925), Is 5 (1926), W (Viva) (1931), No Thanks (1935) – also contains some additional poems and an introduction.

William Carlos Williams: “I think of cummings as Robinson Crusoe at the moment when he saw the print of a naked human foot in the sand. That, too, implied a new language–and a readjustment of conscience….cummings is the living presence of the drive to make all our convictions evident by penetrating through their costumes to the living flesh of the matter. He avoids the cliché first by avoiding the whole accepted modus of english. He does it, not to be ‘popular,’ God knows, nor to sell anything, but to lay bare the actual experience of love….”