Agee on Film, Vol. 2: Five Film Plays

James Agee


includes: Noa Noa, African Queen, Night of the Hunter, Bride Comes to Yellow Sky and Blue Hotel; Five Film Plays

“A book that will fascinate anyone who is interested in either films or reviewing, or–for that matter–anyone interested in seeing an astute, vigorous, resourceful intelligence confronting popular art and reporting on it in a fine free-swinging style.” – Paul Pickrel, Harper’s

“He was superbly intelligent, informed, sensitive, witty; and he could write like an angel. He was the best movie critic this country has ever had.” – Arthur Knight, Saturday Review

“Each of his reviews brings the movie before you, alive and whole. …He can also do what only the great critics can do, tell you what is wrong with the design of a film and then invent on paper before your eyes the right design, complete in all its details, fresh and shining and spontaneous as though he himself had conceived the picture.” – Richard Griffith, N.Y. Times Book Review