All The Little Animals

Walker Hamilton

Simon & Schuster, 1968

*First Printing*

A beguiling, unsettling and ultimately moving modern fable set on the byways of rural Cornwall; a story about running away, the search for acceptance and burying road-kill.

Bobby is a 31 year old man with the mind of a small, frightened boy. He has run away from his privileged but abusive London home to rural Cornwall. Through an accident of fate he meets Mr Summers, a man with a terrible secret who, in atonement, has dedicated his life to burying all the little animals. Together they embark on a bizarre mission, and a savage act of revenge.

All the Little Animals was Walker Hamilton’s debut novel, published months before his untimely death at the age of 34. Acclaimed by writers and critics alike on publication in 1968, it has been largely forgotten.

This beautifully produced edition is a long overdue republishing of this dark, disturbing but utterly charming, classic tale pertinent to our times.

Condition: Very Good