Sholem Asch

Published by G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1934


The latest novel by one of today’s greatest novelists takes the reader into a strange, almost forgotten world. It is a historical novel of a hundred years ago, and concerns the life which seethed in a small, completely isolated town in Poland. A drama of the intensest kind is afoot. The villagers, both Jew and Gentile, are aware in an almost sub-human, inarticulate way of the miracle that has happened in their midst. Some are suspicious, some foreboding, a few dimly sense the meaning of the new kind of man who is becoming an ever-increasing force among them. Woven through the story and plot is all the folklore, superstition and supernaturalism which composed life in that tiny, forsaken town. Characters which no longer walk the earth are described with that art which makes them understandable today. So are the forgotten and fantastic customs of these Jews and Gentiles who lived and loved and died in a kind of world that will never be seen again.

Condition: Good, front cover shows wear, inside very well-preserved