The Print: Contact Printing and Enlarging

Basic Photo 3

Ansel Adams

Morgan and Lester, 1951

*Signed, Second Printing*

The Print is the third and final book in The Ansel Adams Photography Series–the seminal guides fully revised by Ansel Adams shortly before his death in 1984. The Print, now available in paperback like the other volumes in the series, belongs on every photographer’s shelf. It covers the entire printmaking process, from designing and furnishing a darkroom and experimenting with your first print, to mastering advanced techniques such as developer modifications, toning, and bleaching, and burning and dodging. This thorough guide is filled with indispensable darkroom techniques and tips, and amply illustrated with photographs and technical drawings. It is an indispensable tool for mastering the complex art of photographic printmaking.

Condition: Very Good